Final checking before packaging

Apart from the production, our Quality methods are very stringent. We have offices strategically located over many places from where our raw material sourcing is done, to ensure that the best materials are sourced at the best prices.


Our Washing and Finishing Department are both in-house with modern machinery for Dry cleaning, Steam Generation, Vacuum Steam Ironing Tables and† facilities for Perc dry cleaning.


The experts thoroughly check all the products to make sure that the perfect products are delivered to the client. The products carry the brand image of the company. Thatís why utmost care has been taken in this section to ensure that all the products are faultless.




 Serving as benchmark for Quality amongst clients

 Carefully finished garments without variation in lots

 Zero defect is the Quality Standard

 In house machinery for washing and finishing.

Finishing & inspection

Sourcing your needs

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